Good Medicine is Deep Rooted
Healing Through Co-Creation
Co-Creation is honouring the reciprocity we have with nature. She breathes out; we breathe in. It is this relationship that allows for true holism and true healing.

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Joanne is a living embodiment of the collective consciousness of nature and the depths of her individual Soul, this enables her to be highly attuned to the souls of others.
Frances, Clinical Counsellor, Victoria, BC. Canada

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My Story

When I was a girl old enough to walk to school on my own we lived in a house with a beautiful giant weeping willow tree living in our backyard. I could not have articulated then what I can now, that she became my sanctuary, my mother tree. She had a shimmer about her and she loved me as I loved her. When a storm rumbled through my parents' world, it was willow tree I went to for comfort and security... she anchored me.

Joanne's Writing

An Untapped Relationship - Communicating With Trees
September 23, 2023

When you sincerely introduce yourself to another species, you believe in its intelligent and consciousness of what is around it. Now, a tree has the opportunity to respond or reach out to you because you are open and willing to meet on common ground. You are imparting that you sense there is a universal language in all life.

Conscientious Harvesting Human-Plant Cross-Species Communication
July 21, 2023

When I enter wild plant communities my intention is to foster an intimate, co-creative relationship. It is the only way I can harvest now. Once I opened that door there was no turning back. The journey has been both a learning, an unlearning and a coming home.