Shared Experiences

Joanne is a living embodiment of the collective consciousness of nature and the depths of her individual Soul, this enables her to be highly attuned to the souls of others. - Frances Dodsworth - Clinical Counsellor, Victoria, BC. Canada

The Soul's Path

There is a warm wind around Joanne. Something that comforts and gently lifts. Something direct and felt. I have had several sessions with Joanne. She has a way of cutting through layers of thought and doubt and circumnavigation to get to the point.

I always gain some wonderful insights about my direction of travel and my next steps. And perhaps I would have gotten there myself, but I always get the feeling that it might have taken me months or even years to do it. That somehow, during our conversation she has brought my innermost dreams and potential straight to the surface, ready to use in a very practical way.

I never feel confused, tender or bewildered. I feel purposeful. There is something very personal about it, like my best self is being given the lead. And it is working on a cellular level. You are not giving yourself over to be observed and analyzed, Joanne's way of working feels collaborative and empowering.

Katie Clark - Founder, Navigate Meditation, Scotland, UK.

Communicating with Trees - foundation course

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful workshop Joanne. I was amazed at how receptive I was with the trees and much of the forest! Though, I could not see the energy, I certainly felt it. I really enjoyed when we sat in circle and shared. I am a shy person around new people. It was nice to get out of my own limited beliefs about myself and listen to fellow participants share there experiences with the trees they communicated with that day; with nobody denying the experience they had. I loved hearing how very similar and different people's experiences were.

I really appreciated you approaching each of us during one of our tree engagements; offering support and insight. That was a lovely personal touch, and helpful. The workshop unfolded very naturally and flowed nicely. Sometimes I find that when things are too planned, they become quite rigid; not leaving room for creativity, or expression. I felt everything happened as it should.

When I left the forest that day Joanne I felt drunk on blissful forest energy. I felt DIFFERENT! Everything around me seemed so much more alive then I had previously realized. I will be sure to practice the grounding and communication often because my tree experience during the workshop was absolutely phenomenal. Who knew a tree could take you into the past, and especially to places so ancient and beautiful. Thank you so much Joanne; it was all wonderful.

Octavia - Artist, Mother, Sooke, BC. Canada

The Soul's Path

While searching for a homeopathic remedy for chronic pain for my nerve syndrome, I found Joanne Marks through her Fireweed Botanicals website. Joanne's writings about her relationships with trees inspired me to pursue a soul mentoring session.

I have never doubted that all animal life has consciousness, and I have had an affinity with trees since childhood; but the concept of plant life having consciousness was new and astounding to me. This is where Joanne resides - in the connective tissue of all that exists. Her mediumship is down to earth and metaphysical.

Joanne told me things about myself that she could not have possibly known, and helped me make important connections with my present challenges. The backbone of her support has been to encourage me to open my heart and connect with the power in my nature.

Sky Power - Artist, USA

Bach Flower Therapy

I have been a client of Joanne Marks for approximately five years and I have found her insight into emotional, physical, as well as spiritual areas very helpful and powerful. I have valued her information about Bach Flower and have found her responses to be quite timely and supportive for me as I have processed a lot of deep emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues over the last three years.

I did not realize that Bach Flower combinations worked at such deep cellular levels and have found them to be a useful tool/resource while I have been processing deep issues. I believe that with Joanne Marks' insight and knowledge and her use of Bach Flowers have been a very useful and supportive process for me during this time.

Jayne H - Victoria, BC. Canada

Communicating with Trees - foundation workshop

My experience as participant in the forest event on the consciousness of trees with Joanne Marks has left a lasting impression on me. Joanne has experiential knowledge of the subtle energies of plants. This comes across in a uniquely accessible communicative manner.

Joanne is sincere in her appreciation of the powerful nature of trees and in her desire to share this with us. I feel this is rooted in her sincere desire to invite into this tree realm those who are drawn to listen. Allowing space for the sharing of our individual experiences after standing in the presence of magnificent Black Cottonwood Trees.

I felt unhurried and that my (few) words were received graciously. Joanne, drawing on her work of many years, reminds us as we stand with the trees, that this world of nature is the real world, which supports and nourishes all of us.

Mary - Victoria, BC. Canada. Root Victoria Conference

Bach Flower Therapy

I really enjoyed our session today. First of all, I felt so welcome and safe in your home. I trusted you right away and felt comfortable talking to you as I did. Once I got going I feel I talked a lot and I always felt you were listening completely, even when I went on about something for a while. You were very sensitive and respectful with your questions and insights, which was very nurturing for me and made me feel cared for and supported.

Mostly I want to thank you for your kindness and for giving me the gift of your time and beautiful skills of listening and insight. Being 'seen ' in such a deep way is a profound thirst to have slackened. I am most grateful to you. I will take my formula that you so carefully chose for me and enjoy my own continued unfolding.

Rebekah - Dr. TCM Acupuncture, Seattle, WA. USA

Communicating with Trees - foundation workshop

I didn't know what to expect when going to Joanne's workshop. I knew I loved trees and wanted to develop better connections with them. I found Joanne's workshop to be extremely insightful. She facilitated a hands on experience that helped me connect to nature, specifically trees in a new way. Her opening, centring, mediation really brought me into the present; grounding me into the experience I was about to have.

The way in which Joanne guided us though really helped me connect with the tree I spoke with. Trees talk and Joanne has found a way for people to connect with them on a personal level. If given the opportunity, I would definitely love to work with her again.

Hannah Gather - Founder of Forward Focus LLC, Seattle, WA, USA.

The Soul's Path

Before our first session even began, I felt a sense of comfort, warmth and compassion from Joanne. And, it felt easy for me to open up and share; feeling supportive throughout all our continuing sessions together. I found Joanne to have an exceptional sense of picking up certain fears and triggers of mine while helping me trace them to their origin; in such a loving and supportive way.

Joanne not only helped me gain a greater understand of myself and the relationships I hold with others; she also gave me the tools to help myself heal. I have no doubt that she has been beneficial to my spiritual and emotional health. I look forward to our next session.

Dan F. - Mechanic, Artist, Victoria, BC. Canada

The Soul's Path with Bach Flower Therapy

Joanne is a perceptive and compassionate counsellor with a talent for allowing the opening of whatever needs to surface in a session. Joanne has a warm and welcoming presence, and an uncanny ability to perceive those emotions or thoughts that may be just below the surface. She asks perceptive questions that allow the session to unfold naturally and that lead to illuminating realizations.

Joanne knows how to get to the core of an issue, and her application of Bach Flower Essences to help with issues is spot-on. With Joanne's help I was able to better understand my own processes and choose positive choices rather then falling back into old, destructive patterns.

Meghan - Environmentalist, Edmonton, AB. Canada

I have had the great opportunity to be witness to Joanne's unfolding journey into her awakening to and co-creating with Nature for several decades. One of her greatest gifts is to show others another way of seeing the world. She approaches this work with eager passion, rarely compromising her goal of communicating to others the underlying truth of things. I see her releasing the voice in her head and reaching instead toward the feeling in her heart. A movement of grace in all of us I dearly appreciate.

Nancy e. Brown - Artist, Shamanic Practitioner, Nelson, BC. Canada